Welcome to our web page about the birds we see on Haida Gwaii. As background, we’ve birded throughout the islands since 1982 and keep detailed records of what we see. “We” are Peter Hamel and Margo Hearne.

This is a fairly informal note on birds seen from time to time, however, as background we wrote the first bar-graph “Checklist of the Birds of Haida Gwaii” (2002) and the first book on the nesting songbirds of the islands “Small Birds Cling to Bare Branches – Nesting Songbirds of Haida Gwaii” known for its brevity of expression, clarity of explanation and delightful, original illustrations. The book also comes complete with charts which show the results of Breeding Bird Surveys we’ve undertaken since 1987. Copies can be ordered from hecatebird@gmail.com and are available for $20 each which includes shipping.

Many rare birds showed up on island in 2010. Peter found and identified a Prothonotary Warbler outside his office in Masset and Margo photographed it. Peter also found and identified a Black-throated Blue Warber in Sandspit and Margo photographed it. We work together.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Todd Peterson

    Peter and Margo,
    I’m a writer for the radio series BirdNote broadcast on public radio stations across the U.S. We have about 1.3 million daily listeners. You can find us on the web at http://www.birdnote.org. I’m interested in a possible story about your 30 plus years of recording the birds of Haida Gwaii. If this would be possible I’ll e-mail some questions.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Todd Peterson


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