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January-February 2014

What a cold winter! A northeast wind continues to blast down the mainland inlets, sweep across Hecate Strait and freeze Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary. Ducks are hunkered down and  geese hang out where they can find shelter. We still have a few hundred Canada’s, they’re mostly island birds with a few Cackling in the mix. The Snow Goose, here earlier, hasn’t been seen in a while. A Greater Yellowlegs called from the Sanctuary the other day, it could be the one that wintered over.

A Ruby-crowned Kinglet has been feeding in the alder along the beach, it was here on the Greater Massett bird count together with two Golden-crowned Sparrows. The Ruby-crowned is proving to be a regular winter visitor, although we never see more than two. Golden-crowned Kinglets are starting to sing in the high spruce and we heard the first Fox Sparrow for 2014 just this morning. The White-throated Sparrow still at the feeder, as is, though not daily, a White-crowned.We were hit with a mighty southeaster in mid-February, it might have blown everything away. Resident birds are starting to sing, especially the Song Sparrows and Red-breasted Sapsuckers are drumming on the hydro poles, gearing up for the busy season.