Monthly Archives: March 2012

Early March

It’s been quiet. Sometimes we get Redpolls at this time of the year, but there are only a few Pine Siskins joining the Juncos at the feeder.  The weather is erratic, yesterday March 12 2012 the ground was covered with snow, today bright sunshine, two White-fronted Geese, a few Cackling and the usual number of Canadas. They are beginning to pair up.

American Robins have returned to the meadows. Bright red, busy and being driven off by the growing hordes of Starlings that have take root here over the past 25 years. They strip the berry bushes and feed on ground bugs usually reserved for migrating robins.

We had a big drop-in of Long-tailed Ducks on Sunday March 11. Up to thirty of them landed on the  road to Tow Hill and were stranded there. They were lively and couldn’t be caught and local people helped move them to the roadside so they wouldn’t be run over. One or two arrived in boxes at our door. After a rest they were returned to the water. We believe the birds were moving through and got disoriented in the sudden snow-storms that swept through.

A stormy day on Haida Gwaii

A Fox Sparrow scrabbled in the bushes this morning, not singing yet, but a Song Sparrow was. Nice to hear it.